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Custom Marquetry

Marquetry is the ultimate personalization of your furniture, I like to think of marquetry as painting with wood (or shell, or other inlay material). I was lucky enough to learn this technique from Master Marquetarian Paul Schurch during an intensive 4 days at the workshop of David Marks in Santa Rosa, CA.
The art of marquetry has been around for many centuries. Most folks think of Victorian or Art Deco furniture with lots of roses and vines. In fact the motif can be literally anything. Here's an example of one of my figured pieces...


Custom marquetry

The images are made up of different species of wood veneer, approximately 1/42" thick and can be incorporated into almost any furniture project.

Marquetry adds value and interest to a piece of furniture, or even a simple box...

Hummingbird marquetry

Some marquetry projects have thousands of small pieces that all fit together, like a puzzle. (This one only has 67 pieces)

And, of course, nothing is complete until we have...Dragons!
The shading is done with hot sand.

Dragon marquetry
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